Dreaming about movement

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movement upwards in a dream indicates striving toward ideals or activating your spiritual side it can also indicate mentally rising above a problem by activating your intellect
If you dream movements are repeated, it means that you will not develop progressively, your efforts will be lost and will stay in one place, your work will not be effective to dream that you move suggests your life will change, it will relish forces for new ventures in vain if you dream smoother movements, it means you can control the events, and if movements are sharp this indicates uncertainty in different aspects and cases
To see normal movement in your dream, represents your ability to cope with various situations you are able to adapt to the changing environments that you find yourself in to see quick, smooth movement, represents self acceptance and/or your quick wit you are able to easily express your feelings to see slow, difficult movement, indicates a fear of failure something is holding you back and preventing you to take chances
In general, a movement is emphasized in the dream, the dreamer makes a progress closely. If it goes ahead, it shows his faith in his abilities, to withdraw the dreamer, which stands for his reaction in a given situation. He goes to the side, this refers to a conscious avoidance.
The way that moves the dreamer in his dream, can say much about whether he accepts in itself sufficient. When he moves, for example, animated, then this is an indication that he may accept a change easily. If it moves such as on a treadmill then this may mean that the dreamer is steered by external circumstances or other people.
At this level, the movement is a dream for a spirituality.

Meaning for seeing movement in your dreams

– If the dreamer is a man: a revelation to his advantage.
Hindu .
– None dream explanation in Islam.