Dreaming about mug

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to dream that you see an empty mug, means that you will experience a strong disappointment with the next guy to dream that the mug is full, indicates that you we will see the good intentions of your partner or colleague
Mug (trophy) symbolizes the fullness of life opportunities that arise from the personality and life circumstances. One can draw general conclusions about the way how a person maintains his properties and realized. In addition to this, depending on individual circumstances more profound interpretation, there are some more common meanings that may arise from circumstances in the following dream: – to drink from a mug noble: sick promised speedy complete recovery. – If you get given a cup, there may still be an honor, a victory or strong asset growth. – A broken mug is to draw attention to a disease, but sometimes he is even a fraction of an interpersonal relationship show, which has a favorable effect on the future life. – Empty mug often indicates that one leads a frugal life, the neglected many opportunities and possibilities. – Overflowing cup can warn of intemperance, dissipation of forces or very hasty, ill-considered actions. – If one rejects a filled cup, there is a risk that does not use a presented opportunity.
How did he look like? Clear and transparent as glass or obscure; as the mug of poison in the evil fairy tale? A space Warns: be careful, more precisely, if you get offered something friendly. Sometimes the message; but much more banal: it is thirsty and dreams simply by drinking. A vessel from which you drink, where to look for in the interpretation on the drink. An empty cup to indicate an empty money bag, a stuffed chock full of money growth.
– to see mug in a dream: be moderate; – drink from it: good time coming; – from one drink: health-established, for the sick; a speedy recovery and vitality; – drink from a dirty mug: poor health; – drink wine from it: good times to come; – obtained from silver: a great event; – made of gold: your pride brings you harm; – drinking from a gold or silver: bring healing; – one to drink gereichten reject: severe collapse in life; – see break: caution, an illness or an accident could play on one; – break a mug: death of an enemy; – pour it into a liquid or a broken cup: applies to illness, possibly death; – get your gift: rise to honor, inheritance, or even that a jubilee is in sight.

Meaning for seeing mug in your dreams

Hindu – think about your future; – drink from it: good hours you will receive; – break: your rival will have to go and you^ll be happy; – overflowing: be not hasty, you know who you are and you will appreciate.
– to see: a symbol of happiness and health, he breaks or is broken: the happiness and health disappears; – drink from a mug: good conditions will delight you; – knock a full and spilling its contents: you have your chance trittst underfoot; – golden mug: they shun all gluttony.