Dreaming about murderer

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a murderer is a metaphor for a person (including the dreamer) that wants to make its victim “go away ” the location and other people in the dream provide clues as to which area of the dreamer’s waking life the dream relates, as well as the identity of the murderer and the victim if the murderer is unknown in the dream, but seems familiar, that familiar person is often the one you feel is harboring “murderous” intentions toward the victim dreams of murder or murderers are rarely precognitive
You kill someone in your sleep unintentionally, you should be restrained and cautious, controlling your nerves if you dream that youykill someone intentionally, then you are to get benefits and get rich by cheating dreaming of someone who has been killed, then you are to realize your goals seeing yourself murdered when you sleep, you will experience change that you do not like if someone is trying to kill you in your sleep, you will be healthy, you will have strength to work and longevity if you dream that someone kills insects, you can have confidence in the support of friends in the workplace if you kill insects in a dream, then you are to handle the trouble yourself if you kill animals in a dream means that you will repel enemies and keep friends by your side do you speak to or see in a dream a killer, you will let them use you