Dreaming about mutilation

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The dream about mutilation of the body ,where is something a little bit dismembered, doesn^t matter what form, has to do largely with the fact, that the dreamer feels powerless.Perhaps you feel, the most true sense of the word torn; in a certain situation, and you can recover your balance again only by your enormous effort.
The dreamer must disassemble; old feelings and images to attain certainty about himself. If someone is mutilated in the dream or you see persons who are mutilated, it is considered as a loss of qualities and abilities. It is necessary to note what part of the body was mutilated.
At the spiritual level mutilation in the dream symbolizes death and rebirth as an initiation; the death is the presupposition for reintegration and rebirth.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Meaning for seeing mutilation in your dreams