Dreaming about nag

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consider who or what is nagging you or are you doing the nagging? when you dream of someone or something nagging you it indicates feelings of being frustrated by a situation you may be looking at things with the wrong approach and you need to alter your way of thinking if you are nagging someone in your dream it suggests feelings of distress and frustration towards that person or someone they represent on the other hand it could just mean that some characteristic or characteristics of that person is annoying you about yourself
To dream of an old horse or a ‘nag’ indicates a winding down of an idea or project and suggests humility and acceptance at this time a nag trying to keep up with other horses in a dream implies an inability to let go of a project but cautions you to release any expectations for your own happiness to dream of a person nagging you suggests that you may be trying to ignore that little voice inside that is trying to steer you in the appropriate direction there is a reminder to stop and listen as you have the answer and you deserve to be heard to dream of nagging another person may indicate a personal frustration with an unconscious hint to relax and step away from a current bothersome situation