Dreaming about nail

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To drive nails in a dream means that you will accomplish a task that you had believed was beyond your powers.
Nails, the type used in the construction and bonding of timber, are seen as a sign of strength in dreams. That is; they are representations of the dreamer? S ability to maintain strength and keep things together. Nails that are of toes and fingers also signifies strength in that these are associated with an individual? S willingness to hang on.
A dream of hammering nails predicts that you will, in fact, by dint of hard, slogging effort, be able to achieve something you thought beyond your reach to see shiny and/or new nails in your dream forecasts unexpected news, but bent or rusty nails signify either minor reverses or slow progress.
Dreaming that your nails are broken, dirty or missing, indicate poverty, misery and loss of social status to dream that you have big beautiful long nails, predicts that you wait for success and recognition to dream that you prune your nails, means you will endure losses and failures.
A nail in a dream can have a variety of meanings to & 8220;nail it down& 8221; suggests putting something together or holding it together if you hit the nail on the head, your intuition is right on the mark if you step on a nail in your dream, it’s a warning to be more aware of your surroundings also, if you break a fingernail, you need to take better care of yourself, physically.
A nail in a dream can have a variety of meanings to”Nail it down” suggests putting something together or holding it together if you”Hit the nail on the head,”

Meaning for seeing nail in your dreams

If you are pounding a nail in a dream, it can represent ‘hitting the nail on the head’ or the need to focus a screw can symbolize digging beneath the surface or the idea that your journey is circular, perhaps retracing your path prior to moving forward the screw can also suggest that something isn’t quite right, as in ‘screwy’ or how appearances are not what they seem see hammer under weapons and utensils if it is a fingernail, it can signify attitudes that grow and require grooming over time fingernails can also be associated with wisdom see anatomy and body parts.