Dreaming about nail polish

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to dream of polishing your nails is a warning against impulsive behavior which could lead to a scandal also see “nail polish remover”
Polishing your nails represents applying the finishing touches to something you are doing in your life depending on how the polish is applied will tell of your results in your actions in your waking life consider the colour or colours of nail polish that you use as well because they complete the meaning of your dream refer to this specific colour(s) in our dictionary
If you dream that you use nail polish, you will shine in society if you see painted nails in your dreams, you will have a dangerous adventure that will lead to unexpected twists
To dream of nail polish implies that there are finishing touches to be made before you are ready to move on from a situation in your waking life to be applying nail polish carefully shows a determined and focused individual it also suggests that either an aspect of yourself or another person may be about to help you move on from an emotional situation that has kept you in limbo until now note the color of the nail polish and what that may mean to you