Dreaming about narrow

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dreaming of narrowness is an indication that we are conscious of restrictions being imposed on us. this can be our own doing or that of others. anytime the dreamer senses narrowness it is a warning. he or she need discern whether the warning is due to being trapped, or a result of a necessity to stay on the ?straight and narrow?.
When you dream of narrow spaces it suggests that you are feeling constricted and struggling with some situation in life the dream also indicates small mindedness
To be aware of something excessively narrow for its purpose is a form of obstacle dream, and its meaning depends on the outcome of the dream’s action however, it seems likely you are worried that you have bitten off more than you can chew, in which case some outside advice might be helpful
To dream about the presence of tight and narrow spaces signifies an immense challenge that may be expected in your trip this may bring a sense of restriction and limitation this dream may also suggest a woman’s sexuality

Meaning for seeing narrow in your dreams

To dream about narrow spaces, suggests that great struggles await you on your journey you may feel restricted and confined alternatively, it is symbolic of female sexuality
If you are entering a space that you would describe as being narrow, it can represent how you have paved a way unwittingly that is not allowing you to express your full capabilities seeing a symbol that is narrow can reflect being ‘narrow minded’ in your outlook or feeling hemmed in by circumstances