Dreaming about nature

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if you dream of being in nature and noticing many green trees, you will soon be released from worry if you mainly noticed the height of the trees, the dream signifies success but only after a time of difficulty if you were alone and scared, you will be let down by someone you rely on if you felt happy and content, the dream is a positive omen of happiness and peaceful friendships
Dreaming of nature represents being at peace with society and having an appreciation for the environment
Dreaming of nature, means you will have good health and will live in harmony and understanding with others, get good rest and have a relaxed lifestyle
To dream of nature symbolizes independence, serenity, restoration, and rebirth it stands for practiced and articulated internal instincts you are very much in touch with your inner self

Meaning for seeing nature in your dreams

To dream of nature, denotes freedom, tranquillity, restoration, and renewal it may represent that your internal instincts are experienced and expressed