Dreaming about navel

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the navel in a dream is related to our dependency on others, especially our mother. the navel is the place where a baby in the womb first becomes aware of its physical being. seeing a navel (our own or that of someone else) is a sign that we must take note of how we project our being to the outside world.
The navel represents emotional fulfilment if you dream that you don’t have a navel, your emotional needs are not being met
Dreaming of your naval is usually synonymous with thoughts about your identity and ego you need to step back and find your innermost side as well it could signify a relationship with ones mother additionally a naval piercing could represent this feeling, and an aptitude for motherly behaviour
If your dream concerned your own navel, it is more than likely you will soon be considering a new venture that could produce long term benefits to dream of someone else’s navel indicates a new love affair in the future a dream of buddha contemplating his navel could mean a period of good fortune ahead

Meaning for seeing navel in your dreams

To dream of your navel symbolizes your individuality and character this may suggest a need to find your core and focus on important matters in particular, men dreaming of their navel is a sign of their connection with their mother
To see your navel in your dream, denotes your being and self