Dreaming about nephew

Dreams about your nephew, represents you are soon to come into a pleasing competency, if he is handsome and well looking; otherwise, there will be disappointment and discomfort for you.
Dreaming about your nephew, represents some aspect of yourself that you need to acknowledge or recognize within yourself.
To dream about being asked for money by a nephew forecasts many calm and happy hours among genial companions.
If you dream of your nephew and he is of pleasing countenance this is an omen that you will soon find yourself residing in a more pleasing and congenial surroundings. If, however, his looks are gross then there will be a loss of business or possible illness for you.
Dreams about your nephew in a pleasing disposition, might predict you will soon find yourself in a pleasant and congenial surrounding.

Dreaming about your nephew in an unpleasant disposition, means illness or loss of business.

Family. Extension of yourself. Fresh blood. You want to start again on an old relationship.

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