Dreaming about nettle

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to dream you are sting by a nettle, means why bother waiting for disappointments if you eat nettle in your dream, means you will blame others to dream of picking the nettle, suggests some evade maneuvers
In the dream nettle refers to a difficult situation that must be avoided. Can be caused by irritants to the dreamer, because he is not in communication with other people or their environment, are not yet aware of. Communication problems are indicated when the dreamer is the middle of a nettle field. In addition nettles for wanting other people have to violate the dreamer, or that has burned fingers; on a personal or professional projects.
Nettles are wild plants that can cause skin irritations. This can symbolize in a dream that the dreamer has been wrought by wild; behavior of sexually or otherwise and has lost control of himself. Nettles may result from their use in folk medicine also point to healing.
On a spiritual level nettles are regarded as agents against danger. They are also used in purification rituals. Fresh nettles are a good way to support recovery.