Dreaming about noose

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north ? see dream dictionary: position nourishment/nurturing ? also see dream dictionary: food all humans need nourishment. dreams associated with nourishment are about our basic needs (e.g. food) and/or emotional nurturance (e.g. love). such symbolism more often than not transfers over to our mother. more specifically to one?s relationship and where that relationship is at and/or where one would like it to be.
Dreaming of a noose symbolizes your lack of freedom you feel held back and tied up if a noose is around someones neck it indicates that someone in your life or a situation is causing you to be frustrated and act out with aggression
A noose in a dream represents impending danger and guilt you may be experiencing persecution or have a fear of punishment for misdeeds
To see a noose hanging from a tree, denotes fear and anxiety to see a noose around someone else’s neck, signifies repressed anger and rage at a that person or towards a particular condition