Dreaming about north

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north symbolizes your head the top of your body for example, going north in a dream asks you to get into your head / think rationally about the subject matter of the dream
Heading north or even seeing the symbol for that direction indicates that you are heading upward and onward in your life goals
A dream in which a northerly direction is featured is a forecast that you will eventually find the right direction in life
To dream of the direction north symbolizes realities in your life it also suggests that you are moving forward and making progress in life

Meaning for seeing north in your dreams

A dream featuring the north symbolizes self reflection and wisdom
To dream of the direction north, symbolizes reality it also indicates that you are making progress and moving forward in life
A dream that is focused on the direction of north can symbolize finding your bearings as in ‘true north’ on a compass since it is associated with a cooler climate, it can also symbolize ‘cooling off’ or getting control of your anger or other emotions