Dreaming about nuclear weapon

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Destruction on a large scale?
What I am ready to quit? Whose end I fear?
The atomic bomb does in reality a major threat to human health and the environment and also occurs in the dream as a serious hazard symbol. When seen in this way anxiety about the external world, must be dreaming, perhaps aware that the completion of a certain period of life most dramatically is imminent. Often goes hand in hand with the vision to feel that explosion must be preceded by a destructive energy reconstruction. Atom bomb symbolized in some cases, the destructive forces that lie dormant in the unconscious of a person and destroy lives.
The atomic bomb in the dream could represent the fear and irrationality before used the wrong power. A nuclear bomb will deliberate a blast and entirely devoted to destruction. The dreamer may fear that someone wants to destroy his carefully crafted life. She also appeared with negative dream anxiety dreams into disaster as a real threat. It points to a spiritual or psychic splitting of the dreamer, but also a signal for a neurotic resolution or, at worst, for his schizophrenia. The dream symbol of the atomic bomb, but can also be understood that when a disease of the dreamer its environment is also endangered.

Meaning for seeing nuclear weapon in your dreams

The uncontrollable forces of life and the unconscious are the dreamer become aware.
– to see nuclear weapon in a dream: it will soon deploy a disaster that affects you and your loved ones; – nuclear confrontation: soon have to swallow a lot of anger that explodes in a very destructive way.