Dreaming about numbers

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Numbers in dreams often represent something deeply significant from the dreamer’s real life. The numbers could represent a date (for example, 112 could mean 1- the month of january, 12- the 12th day). Or, they may represent the age of a person you know or the time that an important event happened. Try to relate the dream numbers to your real life and see where they match. Alternatively, if you are worried about money in real life, dreams of numbers can be a reflection of this.
Dreaming of numbers has either a personal significance or a general overarching meaning. On a personal level they usually represent significant events, dates, milestones, house numbers, etc. Generally, certain numbers have symbolic meaning. These are as follows: 1 ? Excellent work skills, independence, self-respect, resolve 2 ? Placid, integrity, unselfish, gregarious, harmony 3 ? Success driven, freedom, brave, fun, enthusiastic, brilliant 4 ? Safety, security, loyal, practical, honest 5 ? Embrace change, adventurous, vivacious, courage, health, sympathy 6 ? Loving, idealism, unselfish, honest, charitable, faithful, responsible, superior, soft, impractical, submissive 7 ? Problem solving skills, wisdom, discernment, philosophy, fortitude, deep, contemplative 8 ? Practical, powerful, business sense, decisive, controlling, consistent 9 ? Intelligent, creative, understanding, brilliant, integrity, dreamy.
A common use of numbers is to indicate you at a particular age this may be obvious if the dream has, for example, a 3 year old child in it a less obvious symbol is the use of a number of people for example, a dream with 2 women behind you is introducing an issue with mother when you were 2 years old a dream with 7 children playing together brings you back to the age 7, and so on.
Dreaming of numbers, denotes that unsettled conditions in business will cause you uneasiness and dissatisfaction see figures.
Only a general guide can be given here, as the meaning of numbers in a dream varies according to the context and other details that should be considered if you had the rare experience of being aware of the number of people or things in your dream, it signifies an increase in personal power and/or prestige to dream of numbers that you cannot recall on awakening predicts a period of confusion and surprises regarding the affairs of others to remember the numbers in your dream forecasts good luck ahead possibly connected with the dreamed number or some derivative or multiple of it.
Numbers that occur in your dream may appear differently and will be interpreted differently if you count money in your dream, means your financial situation will improve if you count people for example, students in class or queue in the shop, it means that you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities counting and writing numbers implies a need for financial control over costs, but if the account of numbers is wrong, this means that the chances for you are running thin.

Meaning for seeing numbers in your dreams

A dream with a number or numbers suggests that the numbers you see are significant to you in some way, particularly if they stand out to you in the dream.
Not always obvious in a dream, numbers can appear in subtle ways they can have universal meanings from sayings: threes a crowd; seventh heaven; or the ninth degree they can also have personal meaning based on your past or actual experience if numbers appear in relation to time, they can be exploring where you stand in relation to life stages numbers related to times of day can appear as morning (representing beginnings) afternoon (apexes or turning points) and evening (endings ).