Dreaming about nun

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Dreaming of seeing and talking with nuns is a sign that you will be able to square yourself with the world and your problems.
Chastity and obedience ask yourself where do you want to be more helpful.
Chastity and obedience asking yourself where do you want to be more helpful.
Dreaming that you were a nun, suggests that you want to delay or reject problems or escape from them to dream that you have a nun, means you must enhance and strengthen the family and pay more attention to relatives to dream of a nun, means you should be more discreet and cautious to dream that you see meany nuns, suggests that you are lying or cheating to dream that you see a nun, means you will learn interesting news or gossip that will be intriguing.

Meaning for seeing nun in your dreams

For a woman, the nun can represent a sense of protecting or covering sexuality in light of spiritual beliefs she can embody a sense of what you hold to be sacred for a man, the nun can represent an underdeveloped sensitive nature.