Dreaming about nursery

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dreaming of a babys nursery is indicative of your feelings towards children and family life if you are trying to have a child then the dream suggests that you are either anxious about it or that you are in fact pregnant on the other hand, you are reminiscing when you lived a simpler and carefree life if you are in a plant nursery, you need to pay attention to the state of the plants it symbolizes whether you are progressing or falling perhaps you need to pay more attention to where you are not doing too well in your life, put some care into achieving your goals
Dreaming that you are in a nursery, suggests that you are to spend much money and your property is likely to increase, as is your bank account dreaming of an empty nursery, means you will live in poverty and deprivation
A nursery in a dream is an incubator for new ideas to care for a nursery that is out of control in a dream indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed with creative power alternatively, a dream about a nursery might represent your curiosity about motherhood the nursery is also a place where you might be drawn to find your inner child you may have unfulfilled desires coming from the child within you