Dreaming about nut

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nutmeats, as such, are considered a generally fortunate omen, unless they were wormy or stale, in which case they forewarn of problems arising from deceit and/or hostile competition cracking nuts prophesies success in your current endeavors, and eating nuts signifies improving health for the ailing and contentment for the healthy
To dream of nut, suggests you will find a faithful friend if you dream of a nut and bolt together, you will have much success in your business
A dream where you eat nuts suggests that you feel that you have the ability to achieve your goals, or you are feeling prosperous the dream may also imply that someone or something is driving you crazy
The nut is a type of food that is encased in a protective shell since food represents nourishment, dreaming of a nut can symbolize how you are unable to find nourishment because of your protective tendencies the nut is also associated with feeling that some side of you is ‘nutty ’