Dreaming about oak tree

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Dreaming of an old spreading oak means long life and prosperity if it is filled with acorns you are due a promotion or some type of increase in your life if a newlywed sees many oak trees in a forest it foretells a long marriage and many children it is also the symbol for the tree of life and denotes good luck in all cases where the oak is healthy; reverse if the oak is sick or damaged.
Not only the dream symbol is important, but also the feelings are there, that we associate with him. So it is with certain tree species. For example in western countries the oak is a symbol of great strength and durability. Oaks are often considered sacred trees themselves were associated with natural wisdom, philosophy, optimism and prophecy. If you the oak with the home; associated, with the own family, the dream could ask one of the background to remind yourself and be based to him. He advises the love and approval that you got in the youth set up and the Council of the parents to pay more attention.
The oak tree is a sacred tree since Germanic times. Under the oak were found together, judge, but also to exchange ideas and to be sociable together. The oak is inherent strong male energy and it symbolizes earth. Symbolically, the oak is well connected with Germany, where there are many places tellingly named German Oak;. Oak symbolizes success, power, influence and good health, you are standing firmly on the ground of facts, rooted in the origins of your own existence. In part it is also the need for protection and assistance to express. A symbol masculinity, but also the spirit who acts overwhelming. Some psychoanalysts argue oaks in the dream of women could be interpreted in a certain unsatisfied. The oak tree of life may indicate as to the maturity of our soul, which in waking life causes a strength of your own viewpoints. Depending on the circumstances you can see the following special interpretation is: – with a mighty oak, green leafy crown symbolizes health, long life, happiness and success. – sit under the shade of the oak is often the feeling of safety and security, perhaps also announces that it is a powerful protection and encouraged. – Bald oak warns that plans fail and you will have so only difficulties. – Drought, dead oak can announce that we will indeed be in big trouble, but finds out again unharmed when you can not lose heart. – Felled oak can show the separation of a loved one, sometimes illness or death of a relative.
The oak tree is a symbol of immortality.

Meaning for seeing oak tree in your dreams

– Symbol of the strong and healthy nature, which one longs for, is always a good event, announces wealth, success and long life, is also a symbol of strength, stamina and good character; – see oak in a dream: promises good health, the more beautiful the tree, the better the immediate prospects; – an oak full of acorns: predicts growth and promotion; – see a young, healthy tree: for a few years yet can benefit from it; – oak wreath: means gaining well-deserved distinction and honor; – withered or fragmented: means bad luck, or the death of a noble friend or relative, also announced sudden and shocking surprises; – bald with fallen leaves: warning of business losses; also: loneliness or separation from a friend, relative; – a particularly large and leafy: brings happiness and long life; – sit on a hot day in the shadow of oak : a person who is loyal to one is a protection against evil; – be under during a thunderstorm: announces a hazard, avoid the one; – be yourself: is working on the destruction of an honorable man; – precipitated see or stand in the way: very serious omen; – see lots of green oaks: professional and personal projects will take a good course; – see green oak forest: big promises prosperity in all of your lives; – for lovers: soon under favorable circumstances a couple go through life.
– green: you can move more freely, because the main concern is over now; – dead: do not despair, there is still everything for the better; – be: financial difficulties make you great grief; – without branches: your intention will have unpleasant consequences.
– beautiful, green and strong: lasting health and welfare, long life; – see: sincere application; – green with acorns: wealth and long life will be granted; – dry and leafless: deaths will haunt you and grieve; sad circumstances, to spend his old age in solitude; – cases, even subvert the storm or lightning seen: great misfortune will meet you; – cases: courage and bravery; – struck by lightning: danger of death.