Dreaming about oath

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Whenever you take an oath in your dreams, prepare for dissension and altercations on waking.
A rise in social and/or business status can be anticipated if your dream concerned hearing or taking a legal oath.
Dreaming that one swears on oath, suggests that one will not believe anything you say to dream you swear on oath, suggests you do not allow foreign interference in your affairs to dream of an oath, suggests you to be careful what statements you do in order not to provoke a difficult situation.
Taking an oath in your dreams portends many fights and arguments in your present situation if you refuse to take an oath and leave the area this portends an immediate change in your relationships for the better.
Eid shows often that one has got himself into difficulties, which can be adjusted only by complete honesty and confession of guilt again. Of perjury in a dream warns against illegal dealings with whom one wants to wriggle out, because they are exposed and probably hurt even more then.
We use it to give us a job. Responsibility for others coming to the fore. Who wants him in a dream store, also be reliable and strong-willed. Also resolve to keep a promise.

Meaning for seeing oath in your dreams

– oath indicates any one process. If such a dream perhaps caused by the fact that it has received a summons to court and then due to arousal dreams, to have an oath, it should be this dream attach any importance, because it has this been present more or less a blatant interference of the soul; – drop perjury: warns great misfortune; you are involved in a process and your attempt to try to solve problems with not quite ethical funds; – swear on something: have to adjust to quarrels and disputes; – to rescue the innocent save: unexpected inheritance; – make a wrong: you want to create an unpleasant thing illegally from the world; – another, a self-rescue before an unfavorable verdict: you have good friends who will help one in a difficult position; – confederation of such members or see or know: political involvement, through which you will have a lot of damage.
– swear see: upcoming and intricate processes worry you; – swear: can attract good new friends for a long time, a positive outcome in a dispute.