Dreaming about oats

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Whether growing in the field or prepared for the breakfast table, oats in one’s dream are a prelude to a fortunate and prosperous business season.
Oats have long been a staple food for many cultures. They symbolised warmth and comfort. In a dream, oats can mean one is desirous of warmth and comfort, or currently experiencing those feelings. Additional dream interpretation… To be dreaming of sewing oats is indicative of working toward an outcome where a reward will be reaped.
Dreaming that oats hold the vision, portends a variety of good things the farmer will especially advance in fortune and domestic harmony to see decayed oats, foretells that sorrow will displace bright hopes.
Whether growing in the field or harvested, a crop of oats in your dream is a forerunner to financial gain however, if the oats were still green, you can expect a sticky period to precede the progress don’t get discouraged the frustration won’t last long.

Meaning for seeing oats in your dreams

Seeing oats being fed to a beautiful horse denotes luxury and ease is beginning to enter your life to see oats being refused by the animal shows that you are about to make a bad decision regarding your finances or living conditions decayed oats tell the story of poverty and need or a great sorrow that will come your way.