Dreaming about obedience

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The interpretation of a dream about obedience is dependent upon who is subservient to whom. If the dreamer is being obedient to another, then the dreamer is concerned with being dominated. If the situation is vice-versa, the unconscious is attempting to make the dreamer aware of the manner in which they assert authority.
Dreaming that you render obedience to another, foretells for you a common place, a pleasant but uneventful period of life if others are obedient to you, it shows that you will command fortune and high esteem.
Dreaming of obedience or submission, suggests that you will have success and progress.
To be obedient to a master in your dream shows that you are a good worker and will go far in your job if others are being obedient toward you then will you find fortune and much gain in your business based on ethical practices disobedience in all its forms will denote that you will have much trouble in your business.

Meaning for seeing obedience in your dreams