Dreaming about obelisk

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All dreams associated with a carved stone are representations of how we have stamped our mark on our personality and life direction. The more intricate the detail, the more success we have achieved via hard work. The more plain the carving, the more improvement is possible.
An obelisk looming up stately and cold in your dreams is the forerunner of melancholy tidings for lovers to stand at the base of an obelisk, denotes fatal disagreements.
Dreaming of an obelisk, indicates that you will have friends or acquaintances from an exotic path that are not expected.
An obelisk that is very tall and cold as it stands stately in your vision denotes that you need to soften your nature so you will not seem so cold and distant to those you love an obelisk is also a phallic symbol and must be interpreted in the entire dream content.

Meaning for seeing obelisk in your dreams