Dreaming about obesity

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As usual, the interpretation of this dream depends on you you may be concerned about your looks and fear that you are becoming fat be realistic in regard to this area of your life if you are very thin and can not stop worrying about your weight, you should see a doctor psychologically speaking, obesity usually is a sign that the individual has issues with self esteem and personal power in dreams about obesity fat emotionally insulates us from others and isolates us physically.
The dreaming see yourself in dream as fat people, so your attention is focused on the defense, which he uses against his inadequacy. At the same time the dreaming by the vision is perhaps aware of his sensuality and pleasurable side, which he may have not encountered before. Trivial, the unconscious thus once ask something about adverse health effects obesity. Maybe inferiority come because of your own appearance (even if one is not too thick) expressed therein, which is especially for women often the case, the exaggerated today slimness ideal emulate that is propagated in women^s magazines, but never reach it. Dick suggests old dream books as a symbol of happiness, success and prosperity.
The opinion which the dreaming while awake from your body may be different from that which is presented to him in his dreams. This gives him the opportunity to work on his physical self-image.
At the spiritual level being fat is a choice placed before each person again and again: submit or rebel.

Meaning for seeing obesity in your dreams

– skinny or normally built people see self in dreams as a stout: an enlargement of your possessions; – be: fulfillment of hopes and desires; – see: happiness and profit; – see fat kid: it starts a very favorable period.
– be thick: you will have to suffer from physical ailments.