Dreaming about obligation

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To feel obligated in a dream can signify that we feel pressure in life as a result of an unwillingness to accept responsibility. This can happen, for example, to an individual after the birth of their child. The freedom they once knew is gone and they have not adjusted.
Dreaming of obligating yourself in any incident, denotes that you will be fretted and worried by the thoughtless complaints of others if others obligate themselves to you, it portends that you will win the regard of acquaintances and friends.
If you dream that someone is obligated to you means you will win to a high station in your life and/or business relations to dream that you are under obligation to another person then this means that you have become the target of thoughtless actions and complaints from friends or coworkers a dream of obligation is also a warning that you must keep any promises you have made to a person, or lose that persons esteem or love.
If the dreamer is in his dream is obligated opposite a dream figure for something, it is reminds us of his innate sense of duty. Perhaps he feels that he has done something for other or or have to do that deeply inside he does not appropriate.
When the dreamer thinks of obligations, which other people have told him, he must be sure that no one imposes on his will in a particular situation.
At the spiritual level obligation in the dream can be a warning, that it is a little meaningful to follow the spiritual way from an obligation.

Meaning for seeing obligation in your dreams

– In the dream you commit to do one thing: the thoughtless complaints of others cause a grief; – You are obliged toward others: not good sign in any situation. – If you are dreaming that you commit others: it is respected by friends and acquaintances.