Dreaming about observatory

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Dreaming of viewing the heavens and beautiful landscapes from an observatory, denotes your swift elevation to prominent positions and places of trust for a young woman this dream signals the realization of the highest earthly joys if the heavens are clouded, your highest aims will miss materialization.
A dream featuring an observatory is telling you to guard against impulsive relationships that you may later regret.
Dreaming of observatory, indicates that you are to materialize your intentions to dream that you are in an observatory, indicates that you should stay out of casual dating, which maybe something that you regret at a later time.
Dreaming of an observatory from which you view the heavens and study the stars denotes your high minded ideals and/or your high aspirations in life if you are actually naming the stars you will experience a rise to a prominent position in your career if by chance the heavens are obscured with clouds that look like smoke and you cannot discern the stars your highest goals will not be achieved.

Meaning for seeing observatory in your dreams