Dreaming about obsession

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Obsessive behaviour in dreams and/or recurring dreams is the unconscious attempting to demand we address an issue we have likely suppressed. Once, in waking life at the conscious level that the individual has resolved the problem, the obsessive behaviour or recurring dream will cease.
It is generally understood as a serious indication that they are too strong adapts to the prevailing norms, rules, morals and fashions, concentrated and therefore is impeded, the exact meaning is only understandable individually. Practical consequences should be drawn from such access at all times. Sometimes the symbol is also exaggerated idealism back to the point of fanaticism, must normalize it, to avoid difficulties in life.
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.
– Dreams of the Emperor, that he was possessed of all the people or in the church by a demon, he will have joy and a long life and celebrate victory and triumph over his enemies, a man of lowly will be exalted by the Prince and of all people good to know, because people usually possessed bezeigen pity. – It dusk to the Emperor, a demon it plage without others noticing it, he will meditate on dark machinations against his enemies, overcome them, and enforce his will, a simple man will come to wealth, hide him, and this is not to the light come, a woman will give birth to a son, who is popularly enjoyed high esteem.

Meaning for seeing obsession in your dreams

– Dreaming of a obsession: you was possessed by a demon, you are experienced by the Prince good and long life. Sees a dream of a demon, without taking possession of that from him, he is sent to the Imperial Minister of a petition, says the demon in him, he will find at the Imperial ear. – Predicted to be beaten by a demon possessed or fear and punishment on the part of the sovereign or high positions. – To dream you hit a demon or possessed and overcome it, is not possible for a poor man, but only for a high Lord, for this will come down and overcome his adversary.