Dreaming about obstacle

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Obstacles in dreams often reflect what we are experiencing in waking life. If we are concerned about what we face in the present or future consciously, this will manifest at an unconscious level; particularly, if we fail to take action and stick our head in the sand. Note should be taken of the type of obstacles presented and how or if they are overcome in the dream.
When an obstacle appears in a dream, it presents you with an objective view of how you use the word ‘but’ as a roadblock whenever this word is used in a sentence, it negates the power of whatever preceded it i want to be healthy, but…” i know i should study tonight, but…” obstacles present a tangible vehicle that allows you to understand how you get stuck in the dream, you are attempting to do something, but there is an obstacle rather than see it as a roadblock, look at it for the opportunity to transform or integrate this symbol into what you are doing if the obstacle is a tree, explore your roots; it is a police barricade, explore how you might be too strict with yourself.