Dreaming about occlusion

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In the dream of being bitten, shows that the dreamer suffering from the aggressive treatment of another human being has, or, conversely, that he was not even his aggressive impulses under control. An animal bite is excruciating for jealousy, it may be that they feel themselves, but also that one other reason to do so. In part, also helps in the interpretation, if one analyzes the symbolism of the biting animal addition.
A symbol for animal; anger and aggression when was bitten in a negative dream. Bites the dreamer in his dream another human or a fruit, it is for him an idea or an idea to its implementation, he should strive with all his might. Bites in an erotic dream symbolize excessive sexuality: a partner wants the other eat; or can to eat; themselves. A common dream with a tendency to sadomasochistic desires.
The dreamer must not only his own ability to malice, but must consider the possibility, even the victim of a malicious attack to be.
– in general occlusion means bad omen, something you want to undo what has already moved; this may also suffer from an enemy; – be bitten by an animal: obstacles and frustration in love, you are wary of controversy in eight; – bitten by an animal: jealousy.

Meaning for seeing occlusion in your dreams

– by a snake or other large and poisonous animals: jealousy will follow you; – non-toxic by a serpent and envious enemies; – from a dog: you^ll disadvantaged; – bitten in the leg or arm: illness of a family member; – of a man: the bites you, you will be hurt, without meaning to.