Dreaming about old age

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Maturity; degeneration.
What is perfect for me? What I am ready to replace?
Meet the dreamer old objects, then this is a reference to the past and that he should acquire old knowledge, to bring it into the present to the application. Is the dream of historical persons, this may be an indication that the dreamer is aware of its properties. Perhaps it is his job to develop these qualities themselves.
In the dream can be the symbol of the age of two ways. Either the dreamer is thinking too much about growing old, the mortality and the transience and death, or he wants, if there is a positive dream about getting older, more life experience, maturity and serenity. Old people in dreams refer to traditional thought and ancient wisdom through experience. Old buildings can symbolize an old way of life, from which the dreamer believes he has overcome them. The wise old man in a dream represents the wise part of the personality, the consciousness of the dreamer is not always accessible. When an old man appears in a dream, he is the link to show her side of the dreamer. It can also symbolize his feelings about time and death. Antiques often represent elements from the past that are worth to be preserved.

Meaning for seeing old age in your dreams

– dreaming of old people: is a good omen; – for man dreaming being an old woman or being married to her: very favorable omen for business matters; – for women are being courted by an old man: auspicious omen, her lover turns out to be true and all that, what you wish for; – nothing particularly good does it mean when you dream of old clothes and junk, you^d better think of it! – be yourself: it is younger in his views; – see for yourself the very old: glory, honor dignified, well: you should in the near future wisdom and practice to get away from everyday things; – dreaming of age: loss; – to worry about the age worries: dawn of the disease, the more worried, the worse the disease; – have to do with one^s age: to arouse the indignation of your perverse ideas relatives; – a young woman in a dream is estimated older than she is, she falls into bad company and becomes a laughing stock. She feels aged to stand before her illness or bad experiments. Is your lover aged, she is in danger of losing him.
– be: you are being honored; – old woman: anger and frustration lies before thee; – wear old clothes: you come to high honors; – see old clothes: thy wealth is decreasing; – put old clothes: give an old plan; – old people: you gather a wealth of experience; – old man: disease and death.