Dreaming about old people

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If you see old men in your sleep, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge if you dream that you are old, then they will respect and honor you and you will have good health seeing in your dream a decrepit and feeble old men, you will have health problems and difficulties.
Old people in dreams can represent wisdom and life experience and then maybe warn that one should behave thoughtful, sometimes they also occur as a counselor, give specific recommendations. Sees himself as an old man, which has probably suggest that you get too attached to outdated ideas, traditions and ingrained habits is liable to life limit or if you see yourself old, even though you^re young yet, a maturation process in front of his conclusion. Sometimes the old man in a dream and act vicious and often warn against their own bad qualities for which they symbolize. Often the dream image shows an old man in the guise of a witch, a tormentor or troublemaker, where is the mean thing to describe ourselves, we should overcome. In the particular case to consider is whether they are their own parents to bring their influence on personal development or conflict with them to express, which results from the particular circumstances.
The old woman on the road is the ancient symbol of maternal life that weaves the threads of fate. Appears in a dream, an older woman, it is necessary to consider whether it is a person who has played in childhood dreaming of a role, such as mother, grandmother, aunt or nanny, and how it relates to the dreaming about this person was or still is. The old woman but can also represent personal characteristics of the dreamer. However, there is an unknown old woman, it is clear from the CG Young to the archetypal image of the Great Mother;. An old man suggests that the soul of the dreamer in the vicinity of a large cleaning force. Appears in a dream an old man or old man, who has known people similar to how in old woman^s relationship to the dreamer that person to be considered. For the entire dream may also act can be read a negative meaning when it is a well-known old man. The dream is to be interpreted as an admonition to check his behavior to his fellow man critically. If it is, however, by an unknown old man, in this case is the archetypal symbol of the old ways; by CG Jung appeared. This symbol stands for life experience and wisdom and is regarded positively. It can give the dreamer often useful information.
– a reminder to his senses; warning against bad inclinations, old people can be mean; – to see an old man unknown: they should show more restraint and think about yourself, too: sometimes he warns against malicious people in the area; – an old woman: a symbol of anxiety, worry, or weakness in the very near future; – see a lot of old people: auspicious dream; – in rags: difficulties; – happy to see: is a good omen, happiness and satisfaction to be; – see you unhappy: it is an unfortunate career oppress; – be yourself: it is younger in his views.

Meaning for seeing old people in your dreams

– old woman: anger and frustration lies before thee; – old people: you gather a wealth of experience; – old man: disease and death.