Dreaming about onions

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Seeing quantities of onions in your dreams, represents the amount of spite and envy that you will meet, by being successful if you eat them, you will overcome all opposition if you see them growing, there will be just enough of rivalry in your affairs, to make things interesting cooked onions, denote placidity and small gains in business to dream that you are cutting onions and feel the escaping juice in your eyes, denotes that you will be defeated by your rivals.
Although there is a good deal of difference of opinion concerning the meaning of onions in a dream, the consensus among authoritative sources is that to see onions forecasts a season of ups and downs to eat onions augurs an unexpected increase in material wealth, possibly through a legacy or a lucky gamble, and to peel them prophecies family trouble, especially if your eyes watered to cook them portends the estrangement of an important friend, and to serve onions warns against too much emphasis on trivial pleasures.
Dreaming you see onions, means an expected dispute and quarrel to dream the onion is white, means you expect tears, sadness, grief and loss to dream of one onion, suggests personal problems to dream you pick the onions, suggests you seek protection from someone dreaming you eat the onion, suggests you will protect someone to dream of buying or selling onions, means you will have sadness and disappointment to dream of pruning the onions, means you expect trouble.