Dreaming about opal

When you are seeing an opal in your dream, refers to your libido and sexual desire. The dream refers to that you need to be more passionate in your love life. Alternatively, some believe opals are unlucky and thus represent tears and heartaches.
Contrary to the popular belief that opals portend bad luck, when you are dreaming of them is a sign of both prosperity and popularity.
If you saw an opal in your dream, denotes that your love life is lacking passion.
Contrary to the widespread superstition that opals are unlucky unless they happen to be your birthstone, dreams of them implies a season of unexpected good luck, and the omen is intensified if they were fire opals.
Dreams about losing an opal, represents that you will lose your happiness. Dreaming that you got an opal, advises that love are not going to be shared or you will be hiding something. Dreaming that you are given an opal, means you will discover the secret of success or a hidden love. If you dreamt about an opal wrapped in muslin, implies that suddenly you will takeover in the workplace.
Not only represents fidelity, but also religious fervour, prayers and assurance of spiritual beliefs.
Implies the inner world of fantasies, dreams and psychic awareness.

Similar dreams:

  • libra
  • the symbol is the scales and it governs the lumbar region, kidneys and skin. the colours associated with the sign are blue and violet; its specific gemstones are opal and lapis lazuli.
  • jewels
  • ...antic lovers. onyx - is for perspicacity, sincerity, mental strength and conjugal happiness. opal - not only represents fidelity, but also religious fervour, prayers and assurance of nonmaterial beliefs.

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