Dreaming about opera

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Opera symbolizes emotional expression and is healing for your lack of emotional expression in reality the dream asks you to openly share your feelings from this point forward.
Drama music maybe expecting a big finale family disorder to dream of attending an opera, denotes that you will be entertained by congenial friends, and find that your immediate affairs will be favorable.
Drama music maybe expecting a big finale family disorder.
A dream of enjoying an opera, either at a live performance or on a recording, suggests that you are practicing a measure of deception that could prove embarrassing if discovered if your dream involved the use of opera glasses, you are likely to have to defend your reputation.

Meaning for seeing opera in your dreams

Dreaming that you write an opera, signifies that you are to defend your reputation to dream that you are watching or listening to an opera, means that you keep confidential data and compelling evidence from colleagues or family to have a dream in opera, suggests that you will have chaos and confusion at home or at your work place.