Dreaming about operation

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A dream about having or performing an operation is very lucky. It means that old wounds and difficult emotions in the dreamer are being healed.
Optometrist dreams involving attending an optometrist are indicative of needing to refocus our vision of our direction in life or a problem we are confronted with. It can also suggest our outlook on something needs adjustment because we may not be seeing the entire picture clearly.
An important change in your fundamental lifestyle is forecast in a dream of undergoing surgery; to dream of observing an operation predicts unexpected news however, neither of these dreams has any significance if you practice or are connected with any form of medicine.
Dreaming that you are in an operation, suggests a rude and uninitiated someone will intervene in your life dreaming of any operation, means that you must be missing something, or to sacrifice something in order to succeed in your initiatives dreaming of your operation, suggests to expect change.
Dreaming of an operation could mean that you’re worried about some aspect of your health and you’d like to become more physically fit it also represents change from a current situation.
Dreams of this type will be fairly common among the medical practitioners, but among the rest of us undergoing such an operation can be a harbinger of a drastic lifestyle change, whether good or bad will be determined by the rest of the dream to watch an operation you will soon hear some news from a family member or a friend, if the operation was a success it will be good news, but, if not it will be bad news.

Meaning for seeing operation in your dreams

When you undergo ‘the cutting’ of your body, there is a sense that you are digging within to bring some part of you forward see hospitals under houses and buildings and also anatomy and body parts.