Dreaming about orange

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An orchard in a dream highlights growth for the individual. Moreover, orchards are well maintained but subject to the elements of nature. Thus, in such an instance, an orchard presented by the unconscious is indication that he or she is learning to work to obtain reward but that there are no guarantees.
The color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life.
Seeing oranges growing or boxed for shipment is a forecast of a slow but steady improvement in your circumstances to eat them or drink the juice predicts a short but unforgettable love affair orange blossoms signify news of a wedding.
Dreaming of an orange, suggests that you will soon receive a valuable gift.
(color) the color orange corresponds to the second chakra and, at times, may be associated with our reproductive system the second chakra is said to be responsible for our reproductive health and has something to do with our sexual expression many people have requested that this color be added into the dream dictionary, however, it is very difficult to make any correlation between its symbolism and a particular area of life consider your sexual and reproductive health and then make other associations in order to obtain a personal interpretation of the color orange.
As a color, orange is one that stands out its message can be either to alert you to potential danger or ask you to identify what is unique about you prison inmates often wear orange because it is an impossible color to hide in this can tie the color to the fearless expression in being who you are as a fruit, the orange represents wholeness and vibrancy it also ties the theme of its color to the idea of your unique qualities, and how expressing them is healthy see colors and food.
More like apple;, plum; or grape; the orange as a symbol of love and temptation than by worldly and sensual pleasures will be considered.
– close to joy; – to see an orange in a dream: wanderlust; – lot mature seen hanging on a tree: good prospects in love; – to pick: happiness is weak; – be engaged in peeling: one must still take some trouble to before it reaches the desired goal; – eat: you will change for the benefit of, a pleasant experience of love is before one.

Meaning for seeing orange in your dreams

– orange indicates that you want to change, for example on a journey; – pick: warned against too much reliance on his luck.
– to see orange in a dream means that you seek wrong; – to buy: you will enter into a new connection; – eat: love delight.