Dreaming about organ

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Dreaming of an organ typically can be associated with one? S religious views and beliefs. If the organ is producing harmonious sound, the individual is content in their beliefs. If there is horrible noise or no sound, the individual is not content, unfulfilled, or not a true believer in their beliefs. Additional dream interpretation… If the dream is associated with bodily organs, this can signify concern with that particular body part.
An organ (musical instrument) means you are a channel you can communicate with spirits the fact they are usually associated with churches reinforces the meaning.
To hear the pealing forth of an organ in grand anthems, signifies lasting friendships and well grounded fortune to see an organ in a church, denotes despairing separation of families, and death, perhaps, for some of them if you dream of rendering harmonious music on an organ, you will be fortunate in the way to worldly comfort, and much social distinction will be given you to hear doleful singing and organ accompaniment, denotes you are nearing a wearisome task, and probable loss of friends or position.
Pleasant organ music heard in a dream is an omen of satisfying sexual prowess.

Meaning for seeing organ in your dreams

The organ is a classic symbol of genitals and can relate to sexuality at the same time, the organ is also a symbol of the free expression of passion and pleasure playing any musical instrument symbolizes how you are attempting to give free reign to what you are passionate about if the organ is part of the body, see anatomy and body parts see also music.