Dreaming about orphan

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Dreaming of an orphan signifies a part of the dreamer that feels unloved and alone. It is the unconscious perhaps attempting to address unresolved issues of abandonment and/or rejection in an attempt to heal attachment issues.
Need lack of protection feelings of isolation and despair condoling with orphans in a dream, means that the unhappy cares of others will touch your sympathies and cause you to sacrifice much personal enjoyment if the orphans be related to you, new duties will come into your life, causing estrangement from friends ant from some person held above mere friendly liking.
Need lack of protection feelings of isolation and despair.
You are being warned that your self centered attitude could lose you a valuable friendship if your dream featured an orphanage any other dream concerning orphans predicts a sudden gain in material wealth from a previously unknown source or an unexpected legacy.
Dreaming that you see an orphan, indicates that you will find a confessor and friend to dream you see an orphanage, indicates that problems and worries maybe now ahead to dream yourself as an orphan, suggests that your happiness may be marred.
A dream with an orphan symbolizes fear of rejection.
Vulnerability, isolation.
What is the deep connections I want to go into ?

Meaning for seeing orphan in your dreams

Orphan brings the desire for security, emotional security and Love. It can also represent those parts of the personality that you suppress excessive. Specifically, sometimes warned of a man who is one in the lurch.
– To see: one is dropped from a people down to which one trusts; – With its related: there are new responsibilities to one, whereby it comes to the alienation of friends and a person for whom one feels more than friendship; – You will find a faithful people, to whom you may come up with all. – Feel sorry for orphans: the sorrows of others will take a much of the joy of life.
– Tedious your life will be in the second half of your existence, but you will be sudden good fortune; – To see: you have the opportunity to help your fellow man.