Dreaming about ostrich

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An ostrich dream is a good sign, particularly if the great bird kicks you. You will carry a bankroll and have many friends.
When an ouija board appears in a dream it represents a need to acquire information; a thirst for knowledge. It also can imply that the dreamer is tentative about communicating with others or a specific person. Still, it can suggest the dreamer must confront fears to gain fuller understanding. Additional dream interpretation… Dreams inclusive of a ouija board can be relative to better understanding death or that a deceased person wishes to make contact. Note should be taken if any message is written on the board.
Dreaming of an ostrich, denotes that you will secretly amass wealth, but at the same time maintain degrading intrigues with women to catch one, your resources will enable you to enjoy travel and extensive knowledge.
This strange bird in a dream is a good omen and especially so if it kicked you; cash may be more plentiful than usual and fun social activity will likely follow.

Meaning for seeing ostrich in your dreams

You see an ostrich in your dream, expect surprises if you pursue it, you’ll fall for empty and futureless endeavors and will lose investments if you ride it, you will succeed in an extremely risky venture.
A dream featuring an ostrich suggests that you are hiding from your responsibilities or not willing to face reality or the truth about something in your life.