Dreaming about otter

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Seeing them diving and sporting will bring you happiness and good fortune an absent friend will soon return to see otters diving and sporting in limpid streams is certain to bring the dreamer waking happiness and good fortune you will find ideal enjoyment in an early marriage, if you are single; wives may expect unusual tenderness from their spouses after this dream.
Whether in or out of the water, this animal in your dream is telling you to conserve your resources now because you’ve got some rainy days ahead.
Dreaming of feeding an otter, means that you are in love, happiness, good children and peace at home to dream you kill an otter, suggests that your feelings are unrequited.
A dream featuring an otter represents playfulness, joyfulness and good fortune the dream suggests you need to be more lighthearted, or you are learning to be more flexible and move through life in a more fluid manner.

Meaning for seeing otter in your dreams