Dreaming about outer space

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Transcendence power timeless seeking for a spiritual experience.
Dreaming of outer space means you need courage, determination and patience to achieve success in your actions.
– Overcoming personal reality.
– What I want to know (to find out) about higher being?
Dreaming that you are alone and scared in some place of outer space, then you are lonely at the moment and you have lost direction in your life.
Outer space in dream is a symbol of the intellectual environment of the dreamer.

Meaning for seeing outer space in your dreams

– To see outer space: you hope in vain for the end of a some thing or some condition in your life; – To go through it (or to travel across outer space in dream): you will soon break free from a coercive situation; – Also dreaming that you are going thru space: you will experience a new sense of independence and freedom.
– In hindu culture there is no interpretation of dream about outer space.
– In islamic culture there is no interpretation of dream about outer space too.