Dreaming about outlook

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View (a view point tower) usually offers a better overview of the development of the next time from a higher point, the exact meaning depends on what one perceives it, such as: – Clear view promises a favorable development for the near future. – Wide view of a beautiful landscape can have more happiness and great successes promised imminent. – The view is obscured by fog or smoke, one must often anticipate problems and failures in the near future.
The best chance you have of a high mountain, a tower or other tall buildings. To translate the good view could be so with a look down on those who have less success, to an arrogance that should be put immediately. The view is adjusted, would ask if we still have in waking life the proper perspective.
– in general: the view is usually the symbol of the near future; between clarity and fog varies the good the bad and the future; – enjoy the outlook, if it is beautiful, wide and clear: happiness and prosperity, good harvest and success; – from a tower on a lot of mountains and valleys: a long voyage is imminent; – if it is poor and unclear, even dull boring through fog and smoke it give serious trouble.
– if outlook in a dream is far and clear: happy future; – nice and wide: happiness, prosperity; – limited: uncertain future, many obstacles; – dim: sad experiences.