Dreaming about owl

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Warning of the approach of a deceitful person it denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death to hear the solemn, unearthly sound of the muffled voice of the owl, warns dreamers that death creeps closely in the wake of health and joy precaution should be taken that life is not ruthlessly exposed to his unyielding grasp bad tidings of the absent will surely follow this dream to see a dead owl, denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death to see an owl, foretells that you will be secretly maligned and be in danger from enemies to see a well fed ox, signifies that you will become a leading person in your community, and receive much adulation from women to see fat oxen in green pastures, signifies fortune, and your rise to positions beyond your expectations if they are lean, your fortune will dwindle, and your friends will fall away from you if you see oxen well matched and yoked, it betokens a happy and wealthy marriage, or that you are already joined to your true mate to see a dead ox, is a sign of bereavement if they are drinking from a clear pond, or stream, you will possess some long desired estate, perhaps it will be in the form of a lovely and devoted woman if a woman she will win the embraces of her lover see cattle.
This nocturnal bird in your dream is an omen of reverses and/or disappointments but if you drove it away, you can expect an improvement in your circumstances an owl in the house forecasts family discord.
Dreaming of an owl, suggests you may expect death, health problems or misfortunes dreaming that you see an owl near your house, predicts that you may have an unpleasant visit to dream that you hear an owl, indicates that you have false news that you will be worried.
An owl represents both wisdom and mystery and is a symbol of the unconscious if you hear an owl screech in your dream, it could mean that bad news is coming.
An owl represents both wisdom and mystery and is a symbol of the unconscious.
A dream with an owl is a symbol of wisdom and strategy the dream may suggest that you are thinking about learning new skills, or you need not be so isolated in your ways  it can also highlight your intuition.

Meaning for seeing owl in your dreams

Dreaming of an owl can symbolize the idea of aspirations mixed with intelligence or wisdom the dream can be exploring intuition or a type of wisdom that might be activated in your work the brown owl can relate to work that is practical, earthy or grounded, while the white owl can suggest healing work or spiritual aspirations this nocturnal bird can also relate to messages coming from the unconscious if the owl attacks or threatens you, the message can be about how your outlook or self righteousness is not working for you or is alienating you from others this is a common dream character because the owl symbolizes the wisdom of the unconscious or how you are guided by a type of vision within see also birds.