Dreaming about oyster

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Opening oysters in your dream is a warning that you have misplaced your confidence and are in danger of being cheated by someone you trust; reconsider any dealings you might be contemplating with friends eating oysters is a sign of good luck in love affairs, but if your main concern is business, this dream suggests that you will have to be more energetic and/or aggressive in asserting yourself if you want to succeed.
Dreaming that you eat oysters, indicates that if you are to be successful in love and in business, you will need to be aggressive to dream that you open the oysters, suggests that in reality you should not have trusted to your friends.
An oyster in your dream may have sexual connotations it usually represents the female sex organ or, if eaten by a man, may represent his ability or desire to perform well sexually oysters are also considered symbols of humility and wisdom their meaning is associated with that of pearls the most negative interpretation is that the oyster represents a well guarded individual; a person who has shut himself off from others attempt to connect some of these ideas to your emotional life and overall experiences and keep in mind the setting, context and outcome of the dream.
A dream featuring an oyster suggests that you are working hard towards a goal or target it can also highlight your sexual desires, or suggest that you can be defensive at times the oyster may imply that people try to take advantage of you, or that luck is on your side.

Meaning for seeing oyster in your dreams

An oyster can relate to femininity for a woman, dreaming of an oyster can be exploring her sexuality for a man, the oyster can represent increased sensitivity or how one might use intuition and feelings more in life mollusks are also closed so dreamng of these sea creatures can be a message about the need to open in order to claim the potential of the ‘inner depths ‘ associated with water, the message can relate to feelings or how letting go of past pain allows for greater fulfillment.