Dreaming about package

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Represents your hidden creative energy, skills and/or feelings. If you receive a package in the dream, you are acknowledging certain feelings or gaining new resources. But if you are giving or sending a package, you may be projecting your feelings onto another and not dealing with them.
Expectation mystery secret will be reveal looking for something.
Dreaming of carrying a package suggests that you are shouldering a responsibility that you feel should be undertaken or shared by someone else don’t swallow your resentment; speak up.
Dreaming of wrapping anything, signifies that there will be a bad change to dream of an empty package, means you will receive bad news to dream of a full package, suggests that you may sleep better to dream that you see or get a package, suggests that your expectations requirre more than you can do to dream that someone sent you a package, predicts that you will attract new partners and will have a successful business.

Meaning for seeing package in your dreams

Where the box symbolizes what you store and protect, a package suggests something that is ‘wrapped up,’ unexplored or unexpressed it often appears in connection with sending or receiving as a way of exploring communication the package carries the idea of protection or a sense of being ‘wrapped up’ in relation to feelings and expression there are many symbols that can appear when you ‘open’ the package transcending the idea of what is unknown, once you open it, the symbol is now making its way into consciousness and should be explored for further details see also gift.