Dreaming about padlock

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A padlock in a dream, means you have family happiness if you put down or lock a padlock, you will meet true love if you can not unlock the padlock, you will find that you are cheated.
If the dreamer in his dream shuts off a padlock, refers to the fact that he tries to lock up a bit (maybe a feeling). This can happen either by fear or by a particularly possessive article. If the dreamer unlocks a padlock, he may try to open up to new experiences.
If the dreamer is threatened in its safety,that appears in a dream, it is often a symbol that reinforces his needs for defense mechanisms. With this symbol may consist inter alias of a padlock.
At this level, the padlock in a dream means that the dreamer retains its spiritual integrity.
– An obstacle dream, depending on whether it is included, or the door unlocks.
– You will have to deal with greedy people.

Meaning for seeing padlock in your dreams

– To see: Secrecy is your virtue.