Dreaming about page

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Turning the pages of a book or magazine in your dream indicates that you will make a sound investment and reap a rich reward. To dream of handsome young pages in uniform is a forerunner of better business.
Seeing a page, denotes that you will contract a hasty union with one unsuited to you you will fail to control your romantic impulses if a young woman dreams she acts as a page, it denotes that she is likely to participate in some foolish escapade.
Turning book or magazine pages in your dream predicts good luck with small investments.
Dreaming of a page in a book, means that in reality you will have modest cash investments and you will get a minimum of resources.

Meaning for seeing page in your dreams

(person) to dream of seeing a page going about his normal business means you will become engaged to a hard worker but fail to control your weaker impulses toward other members of the opposite sex if you dream of working as a page means you will get into some avoidable fiasco.