Dreaming about pail

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Dreaming of full pails of milk, is a sign of fair prospects and pleasant associations an empty pail is a sign of famine, or bad crops for a young woman to be carrying a pail, denotes household employment.
The meaning of this dream depends on the circumstances and other elements, such as whether the pail was shiny or dull, metal or plastic, etc, but as a general guide: to carry a pail signifies improving conditions empty pails indicate delayed satisfaction, whereas full ones forecast minor achievement to knock one over or spill the contents is a warning to be more careful with money or in money matters.
Dreaming of an empty pail can denote so many things, all of which are adverse; from hunger to loss a full pail is a good omen of merit showing all manner of good things from love to money is about to enter your life if the contents is milk then are you assured of domestic tranquility.