Dreaming about pain

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To feel pain in any part of the body in a dream means that someone will try to defame you. Watch your step.
Dreaming that you are in pain suggests you are being too hard on yourself about a situation that was out of your control. It can also be a reflection of real physical pain that carries over from your waking life.
Transfers emotional pain to the physical. Regarding body parts, a possible health related situation that should be investigated.
Sickness unhappiness conflict there is a problem that hurts to dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness this dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction to see others in pain, warns you that you are making mistakes in your life.
Sickness unhappiness conflict there is a problem that hurts.
A dream of being in pain most frequently arises from a physical source and has no prophetic significance, but if you are sure this was not the case, then the meaning depends on the location as follows: general allover pain predicts success; in a limb, it signifies embarrassment due to impulsive actions; in the heart, it portends marital or romantic problems; in the teeth, a period of minor difficulties; in the head, an unpleasant surprise; in the throat, a warning against gossip; and in the chest, financial gain.
If i had a dream that you’re hurt, suggests that you were very firm in a situation that was not in your control may also reflect the pain in your body that actually exists.
Seeing a beloved child or a spouse in pain denotes that your actions are harming them or threatening their future and this is a warning to change the way you do certain things if you dream you are in pain it shows that you are punishing yourself over a useless cause or inconsequential action on your part.

Meaning for seeing pain in your dreams

A dream where you feel pain suggests that you are experiencing  emotional difficulty, feeling rejected, embarrassed or emotionally drained.
Pain is the first signal of danger when ‘something isn’t right ’ if you are dreaming of being in pain, perhaps you are not recognizing this sensation in waking life if you dream that someone else is in pain, explore the side of you that this person may represent there is pain involved, although you are not owning up to it to dream of being afraid of something that may be painful, and yet doesn’t really occur, suggests that you are being overly sensitive in a situation dreams often use intense drama as a way of having an impact on you that makes you explore what you fail to acknowledge see blood, attack and being chased and also shadow.